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You’re a busy person. 

You may even have more than one Short Term Rental that you manage. Whether you have one property or twenty, you surely don’t have time to walk through the house after each cleaning to ensure everything is up to standard. We have a lengthy and thorough training process for all employees to combat this issue, but you don’t care about that. What you do care about is seeing it for yourself and we understand that. After each cleaning you will receive a final report where you can browse the verification photos we take after each job. We like to operate on the ‘trust but verify’ method. With that in mind, the cleaner doesn’t have access to their camera roll for these photos, the app blocks it. Each photo you receive was taken immediately upon completion of that specific job.

Protecting Your Rental
There’s nothing more frustrating than coming out of pocket for a broken chair in your rental. Especially when you could have charged the replacement to the guest who broke it if the cleaner had told you. Wouldn’t it be helpful if the cleaner had a way to report damages directly to you. It would be better if they provided photos and attached it to the cleaning job so you could easily identify which guest to charge. It would be even better if all that could happen in real time so you have the ability to charge the guest before the next guests arrive. Yeah, we think so too. That’s why we provide this service standard with every cleaning for damaged, lost, or stolen items.

How will our cleaners know of an item is lost or stolen? I'm glad you asked. We have multiple photos of each room for our cleaners to use as a template for staging. This makes it incredibly easy to tell when a pillow or decorative item is missing.

Automatic Scheduling
Residential cleaning doesn’t have last minute bookings, you do. Your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it calling around to get that last minute cleaning scheduled. Your cleanings will be scheduled automatically for the day of checkout or the day immediately following checkout. This will maximize your booking potential because you're not waiting days for your rental to be cleaned. When you get a last minute booking, we schedule that too. Even when it means moving your existing cleanings around to accommodate the new one. There's no need for you to facilitate it. You can always check the app to see your full schedule and how we moved things around.

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